Eastern WV Community Foundation

Eastern WV Community Foundation provides funds for homeless children…

Marie Keegin, Faith Community Coalition for the Homeless Inc.

On a bitter cold Friday night in January a single Dad and his two preschool  sons  find themselves without a roof over their heads.  They have just been evicted from their apartment because he lost his job.  It’s late and social service agencies are closed for the weekend.  Where can they find help?

The Faith Community Coalition for the Homeless (FCCH) will provide temporary shelter  when there is no other options available.  A representative from FCCH can arrange to pay for as many as three nights in a motel  so that people have a “breathing period” to identify and contact people and organizations that may be able to provide longer term assistance. There are so many reasons why families become homeless.  Loss of jobs, lack of transportation, high rental rates, mounting medical bills, wage garnishments are just a few.  FCCH helps families and individuals make connections with people who can help.

FCCH operates  solely with volunteers and donations and is tremendously grateful to The Eastern WV Community Foundation for recently providing a matching $5,000 grant to help stretch precious dollars and assist homeless children and their parents with temporary emergency shelter and hopefully begin to turn their lives around.

Want to know how you can help the FCCH help homeless families? Please check out our website at  https://faithcommunitycoalitionforhomeless.com call 240-405-6794, or email wvfcch@gmail.com.


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