Panhandling ? Homeless ?

Homelessness and Panhandling in Martinsburg?

Because homelessness is such a sad but real problem in our country and community, I have to admit I felt proud of my grandchildren as they put their own money in a cup that an older lady was holding as she sat on the sidewalk.  At the same time, I know that I’ve passed panhandlers on the street and sidewalks when I didn’t feel safe or comfortable donating.  As we focus  on the obvious panhandling issue in our community,  there are still many homeless individuals and families in our community who are not so obvious.  There are ways to help our homeless neighbors.

The Faith Community Coalition for the Homeless (FCCH) will provide temporary emergency shelter when there is no other shelter option available.  For example, sometimes the Rescue Mission and Bethany House are full or unable to accept homeless persons for various reasons.  With no other option available,  FCCH can arrange to pay for a night or two in a motel  and help to connect  homeless neighbors with services and longer term assistance. There are so many reasons why a family or individual can become homeless:  Loss of job, lack of transportation, high rental rates and low salaries, illness, mounting medical bills, wage garnishments are just a few.

FCCH operates solely with volunteers and donations and is tremendously grateful to the Eastern WV Community Foundation for recently providing a matching $5,000 grant to reimburse FCCH and provide children and their families with temporary emergency shelter and hopefully turn their lives around.  To learn how you can help the FCCH and help homeless families? Check out our website at, call 240-405-6794, email or send  much needed matching donations to PO Box 523, Martinsburg, WV 25402.



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