Mary got the care she needed near home

A homeless young man contacted FCCH because he was concerned about an older lady who he knew who was homeless and sleeping in the woods.  He took two FCCH representatives to the woods where Mary was and they talked her into joining a worship service and dinner that was being served at Immanuel’s House on Monday evening.  With a tear in her eye, Mary joined in the worship service and sang along.  She insisted on contributing 2 of the 3 dollars that she had in her pocket to the pastor because she wanted to ” tithe.”   Mary also met with a nurse from Shenandoah Health Clinic that evening at Immanuel’s House.  Shenandoah staff provide medical service at Immanuel’s House on the 2nd Monday of each month.  A FCCH representative arranged for Mary to stay in a motel in Martinsburg that night and Mary was excited to be able to wash her hair.   The next morning  the FCCH representatives  took Mary to Bethany House where she was warm and safe and stayed for a week.  Then the FCCH representative arranged to take her to a long- term shelter in Roanoke where she could receive the mental health services she needed too.  Mary was originally from Roanoke so she was comfortable with this arrangement.  Sometimes God works in quiet and amazing ways through good people and organizations!

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