Helping Homeless Neighbors in 2016

In 2016, the Faith Community Coalition for the Homeless was able to shelter 84 children and 107 adults for 1-3 days in motels when no other shelter was available or feasible.  We were able to do this because of the generosity of our donors, grantors and churches.  FCCH became a WV non-profit corporation and received grants from the Eastern WV Community Foundation, Ecolabs and Emergency Food and Shelter program through the United Way.  Thank you to our grantors and to everyone who donated so FCCH could help our homeless neighbors.

In addition to emergency shelter, the kind and caring volunteers in our area served meals, provided food, respite care, medical care, warm clothes, sleeping bags and blankets. And some of our homeless neighbors were able to move into permanent shelter. Most important many volunteers in our area gave a little hope to those who need it most.  Thank you all for your generosity, sacrifices and kindness.  It is heartwarming to know there are so many people helping others when there is so much need all around us.

Let’s pray that 2017 brings peace, hope and housing for our neighbors.

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