In 2016 FCCH  became our own non-profit and accomplished our organizational goals, including receiving grants from EWV Community Foundation, United Way and Ecolab.  THANK YOU!!! In addition, FCCH also worked with Catholic Charities to establish a furniture ministry for the newly housed.

FCCH provided emergency shelter for 191 individuals 84 Children 107 adults and 14 disabled.  

After feedback from many partner service providers, FCCH initiated a pilot program for eviction prevention assistance to 21 families.

New Goals approved by FCCH Board for 2017.

  1. 1. Leadership succession plan and Board of Directors expansion.
  2. Rotating phone coverage system.
  3. Pursue the development of a family cold weather shelter.
  4. Implement and evaluate Eviction prevention program.
  5. Refine referral process to housing programs/options.
  6. Secure financial viability though grants and fundraising.
  7. Expand partnerships with police and community effort to address need for drug and rehab programs.